In order to ensure a broad and strong business base Military Equipment Denmark A/S have been expanding the
past few years.
The Group currently consists of the following companies:

Leif Braae Owner and Chairman of the Board

Military Equipment Denmark A/S
Leif Braae Owner and Chairman of the Board
Peter M. S. Jensen CEO/ Managing Director
Anne R. S. Jensen Administration
Mogens R. Mogensen Director Sales and Marketing
Klaus Teglstrup Key Account Manager
Jacob Broch Key Account Manager
Thomas T. Kirkegaard Technical Manager
Heino Jensen Technical Assistant
Henrik Larsen Service Technician
Dennis Østergaard Service Technician

M.E.D. Maskinfabrik A/S
Leif Braae CEO

Braae Trading AB
Leif Braae CEO

United Military Services A/S (joint venture Company)
Dommerby Stål A/S
FWW Fahrzeugwerk GmbH
Military Equipment Denmark A/S
Rubtec A/S


M.E.D is also a member of the following industry associations.

ISO 9001-2015

MED is a member, and certified by TRACE/TRAC and have the following no.

TRACE/TRAC is a new global online due diligence platform that ensures compliance with supply and marketing rules. The system collects, assesses and shares basic due diligence information about organizations and individuals and issues universal ID numbers to approved applicants. It is designed to streamline compliance with rules, procurement and contracting operations while the due diligence process is in progress.

See certifikat here. / link

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