Pitagone | anti-truck-ram barriers

Pitagone is the new mobile barrier to make people safe and secure, wherever they meet at events, market, music concerts etc. Its construction makes it almost impossible for vehicles and trucks to pass. Therefore the Pitagone anti-terror vehicle barrier is used around the world at events, by the police and defense.

Modular Barrier

• Unique and mobile solution against ramming attacks
• Fully portable and movable barrier (priority vehicles)
• Stops the passage of vehicles even in a hostile situation
• Quick and easy assembly, requires no tools
• Capable to stop a vehicle or truck launched at average speed
• Resist to a shock of a 7,5 tons truck launched at 48 km/h
• Fully adjustable, the PITAGONE F-11 adapts to all surfaces and all terrain (including sidewalks, gradients and bumpy roads)
• Compact assembling elements, easy storage and transport
• Long service life, minimal maintenance


F-11: Anti-ramming barrier module:
• Height: 3,28 ft
• Weight: +/- 132 lbs (assembled)
• Distance between modules: 2,62 ft
• Punch Tip
• Mobile System

For more information, please contact us at info@med.dk or phone +45 5943 0300.

MED is proud af being exclusive importer of Pitagone mobile barrier to Denmark.


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