Vision, mission & values


Military Equipment Denmark shall be the recognized supplier of knowledge, solutions and services to selected customers within the area of defence and security.


Military Equipment Denmark delivers products based on customer needs and wishes. Customer satisfaction must ensure constant positive and good liaisons between customers and Military Equipment Denmark.


Military Equipment Denmark shall be an attractive workplace, which appeals to and retains competent and committed employees. Our top priorities are the well-being, development and training of our employees in order to be able to serve our customers in the best possible manner.
In order to live up to this we have defined seven focus areas:

  • We are here for our customers
    To us the customers’ needs are the centre of attention. We listen to our customers and adapt the solutions to suit their needs.
  • We value our employees
    It is critical to us that our employees feel valuable. We constantly aim to provide each of our employees with the exact qualifications she or he needs – for example through training programs. We regularly offer personal feedback in order to give each employee the best opportunities for personal progress.
    We support each other and value our unique company spirit. With this in mind, we encourage joint activities, anything from visiting museums to going fishing.
  • We take initiative and responsibility
    We want to have an adaptable and versatile organization where all employees have the option to exhibit initiative and take responsibility. We do not have fixed working hours, but we are confident that our employees are sufficiently responsible to answer for themselves, their co-workers and the company.
  • Honesty is the best policy
    Close relations with our customers is a focal point for us and it is equally essential to keep our customers up-to- date with the status of on-going projects. Similarly we give a high priority to open and honest communication among our staff, and between employees and management.
  • Our word is our bond
    Two parties enter into agreements in order to define the framework of a collaboration. Irrespective of whether an agreement concerns a meeting, future collaboration, price, delivery or something entirely different, we always honours our agreements.
  • There is always room for improvement
    The world is constantly changing. This makes it possible for us to improve and constantly strive to progress. We cherish an open structure and an on-going process of adaptation to customer wishes and needs according to input from our surroundings.
  • We make sensible use of our resources
    It is critical to our customers and us alike that resources are used carefully and reasonably. It is essential for us to keep a constant focus on optimizing our workflows and structuring our actions in order to support our vision.
    Teamwork and mutual trust are keywords to us.
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