A large part of the public procurement in Denmark and the Nordic and Baltic countries is conducted through tenders.
To win a tender requires an insight into the legal requirements. We have the experience as we participate in many tenders every year.

During the tender phase, we will work closely with you to deliver the best possible response to market requirements. The close cooperation will provide the best basis for a winning campaign in the tender. With your expert knowledge of the products and Military Equipment Denmark’s expert knowledge of the bidding process, we will complement each other in the work towards a sales success.

A winning bid is often followed up with offset obligations to the government. Therefore, we see the tender phase as the first part of our cooperation and the offset obligation phase as the next. We will continue to build on the success with additional aftermarket sales. We will ensure, that your products stay at the forefront of the minds of the users and decision-makers.


  • CV9035 – IFV – Denmark
  • K9 – SPH – Norway
  • K9 – SPH – Finland
  • Camouflage systems – Denmark
  • Shooting range equipment – Denmark
  • Shooting range precision targetry – Denmark
  • Mortar systems – Denmark
  • Power ascenders – Denmark
  • High speed camera – Denmark
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