Maintenance & service

We give a high priority to equipment lifetime

When you procure equipment and install it in the rough environment of a shooting range, indoors as well as outdoors, it is critical to give a high priority to maintenance. We offer both fixed maintenance schemes and maintenance as required. Thanks to our shooting range equipment expertise, we know where the equipment suffers the toughest wear, and we know where the equipment is most likely to fail.

With this know how we are able to advice our customers on how to avoid/reduce breakdowns and defective equipment in order to have up time on the shooting range as possible. With Military Equipment Denmark in charge of maintenance, the target equipment is guaranteed long life and high reliability. 

We offers the following in regards to service, repairs and maintenance

  • Service and repairs of shooting range equipment and installations
  • Ensure compliance with the applicable maintenance intervals, including assisting the range staff in testing of equipment
  • Inspection of shooting range and terrain. Including control of bullet catchers, ballistic protection, safety issues and shooting range standards, etc.
  • Attendance at the planned shooting range inspections, including performing of internal pre-inspection, thus avoiding possible error deliveries
  • Technical assistance for range personnel
  • Training of range personnel, including shooting range equipment, shooting range rules and the range instructions
  • Preparation of reports for use in self-control, quality assurance and quality optimization
  • Ensure that the storage of shooting range material are maintained
  • Help desk and hotline function
  • Optimisation of workflow

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